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Northeast Washington Permaculture Guild (NEWPG)

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Spiral of Permaculture PrinciplesThis collaboration and outreach space for NEWPG (pron. 'New Pea Gee') is under construction.

This is an experiment to see how we might leverage the existance of the INPG website to serve local permaculture communities. In the coming months, we will build out a set of features to test out using NEWPG as a working model. When we feel like functionality and ease of use are good, other groups of INPG permaculturists will be able to request their own spaces on the website. You can also find NEWPG on Facebook.

Share the passion. 

NEWPG Huckleberry Mountain Family Convergence PosterThe Northeast Washington Permaculture Guild's
Huckleberry Mountains Family Convergence at Uhuru in Rice, WA
was a great success!

July 27 - 29, 2018

Camping, Organic GMO-free Food, Trade Circle, Yoga.

Permaculture Workshops
Organic Soils and Fertilzer, Seed Saving, Natural Dyes, Mushroom Inoculation, Solar Hot Water, Biochar, Fermentation, Food Forest and more

We are grateful to the individuals, businesses and organizations that help sustain the Northeast Washington Permaculture Guild's growth and strength.

We extend to you the opportunity to financially support our annual Permaculrture Convergence by offering three levels of sponsorship from $100 to $400, as well as the ability to sponsor in-kind. We offer three packages of sponsor benefits, one for each level. Select "Read more" for details and you may also pay on-line.