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A sampling of the workshops presented at the 2020 INPG Permaculture Convergence

Building Resilience- Connecting With Our Microbiome for Soil, Plant & Human Health
Lion Waxman
Delving into the world of interconnectedness, learn about the benefits of indigenous microorganisms. To include a hands-on session on how to culture homemade probiotics.

Farmland Preservation and Regenerative Agriculture Policy
Chrys Ostrander
Chrys works with the Spokane Food Policy Council and the Spokane Farmland Preservation Working Group struggling with Babylon trying to get it to get it. He'll describe current ways of working within the system to subvert the system.

Making and Using Biochar
Jason Smith

Protecting yourself from EMFs and 5G
Brantley and friends

Working with Fungi in Permaculture Systems
Jason Smith and/or Gabe Gaul

Making Fermented Food Products. Includes hands-on Kimchi making
Wakan Zion Burrows

Plant Walk.  Identification and uses of wild plants
Michael Pilarski 

Death Café
Heidi Hampe of the Rejuvenation Sanctuary and Bryan have been doing death cafes in the Sandpoint area. Heidi is certified in Drylands Permaculture. They will offer this on Saturday after the lunch period.  

Hugelkulturs.  Making biomass raised beds.  Includes a hands-on
Michael Pilarski

Waiting for title of workshop
Casimir and Katie Holeski

Creating a regenerative world. Saturday Keynote
Michael Pilarski

Building Coalitions for Local Economies and Governance
Discussion session. Friday evening. 

Weeds, Invasive Plants: Control and Utilization
Discussion session

Additional workshops and discussions will be scheduled at the event. If you would like to offer a workshop, hands-on or facilitate a discussion please email

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