What to Bring

As always it's a collaborative sharing event. Along with yourself bring a chair, eating utensils, food to stock the community kitchen, flowers, fruit to juice in the cider press (and clean containers), items to barter/vend and skills to share (there will be time slots available if you want to present a workshop). 

Any other loving contributions such as drums, musical instruments, notepads, are also welcome.

Well-behaved dogs are OK only if you have no other choice.

Drinking water: As much as you can bring. At least two to four gallons per day per person.

Dishes, cups, silverware, etc. The venue does not have dishes for everyone. We will have washing stations.

Chairs, picnic blankets and sitting cloths.


Toilet paper.

If you have a canopy (or canopies) similar to the 10' x 10' ones common at farmers' markets (10' x 20' is okay too), please bring it/them even if you don't plan to use it yourself. Maybe someone else could use it.

Rain gear: The event will occur rain or shine.

Warm clothes: it could get chilly.

Folding tables: If you can, please bring.

Hand tools: Depending on what kinds of hands-on activities we'll have going on, it might be good to bring hand tools like shovels, rakes, hoes, hammers, etc.

Hula Hoops!

Try and mark your belongings. There will be much sharing going on.