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Stan Wilson

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Diversified Intergrated Resilency Training Center
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Stan Wilson, co-founder of the Skills for the New Mellinnium Tour and the DIRT Center, received his PDC in 2007 and has been composting and raising chickens since the early 1990's. Stan has a BA in American History from the University of Montana. He is currently writing his first book "The History of Shit, Human Waste and Its Role in Agriculture Over Time." Stan was introduced to humanure through his PDC course and quickly became obsessed with composting human waste. Another love of Stan's is chickens. As a historian he has followed the movement of people across the globe through the movement of chickens. While on the two and a half year long Skills Tour he and his family harkened back through the history of migration with chickens by taking three hens on the road with them. 


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Stan's Simple Steps to Successful Composting
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The Lasagna Method of composting affords the practitioner a simple method of composting that is as hands off can be. Stan was introduced to this method as part of his PDC and uses for both his household compost and his humanure. Stan's workshop introduces the Lasagna Method and discusses problems with compost including how to solve them. Stan also touches on humanure, the composting of human waste for agricultural purposes. This portion of the workshop includes examples of what finished humanure should look and smell like.


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Chickens, Chickens, Chickens
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The Marvels of the Backyard Chicken: Stan's approach to raising chickens is simple, simple, simple. "People and chickens have been raising each other for nearly 8,000 years. It just isn't hard." Chicken breeds, their health, "Why hen's need roosters (and so do you)" letting your hens sit their own nest and raise their own young, are all subjects Stan covers in this workshop. Let chickens come alive for you and enter into the fun and frolics of the barnyard chicken.

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