Scholarship Application

Scholarships are available to people in difficult financial straits for each permaculture design course we put on. We will consider fee reduction scholarships but suggest you opt for Work Trade if you require a reduction in fees.

We encourage everyone who needs a scholarship to try to raise money from other channels, such as Go-Fund-Me or raffle offering the winner a free design, friends, family, church, giving talks, or locating other scholarships or donations to help pay your fees are all options. .  If you can come up with any money at all it would help us help you.

We do not budget to make a profit, only to cover our costs. We rely on volunteer time of our planning committee, work crews and many instructors.

We also appeal to organizations, companies and individuals to financially sponsor a scholarship. You can pick the recipient or leave it to us to award your scholarship.

Alternatively, you can download this form as a PDF and print it out and send the completed form to:

c/o Gloria Flora
1509 McFarlane Road
Colville, WA 99114

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