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Mariah Cornwoman

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Heart of the Highlands Farm
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Mariah Cornwoman, member of Heart of the Highlands, LLC is a graduate of U. C. Davis and a long-time resident of north central Washington.  She co-owns 40 acres of agricultural and forest land with a collaborative group, using alternative energy, water conservation techniques and sustainable cropping practices for both wildcrafted and cultivated crops.  The group direct markets herbal products and open-pollinated garden seeds as part of a strategy to increase farm gate value and sustainability for their operation. The group also hosts farm open house events, teaches workshops and offers internship experiences to share the knowledge and inspire others.

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Managing Habitat for Beneficials
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Beneficials are way more than just ladybugs. There are more than just insects that play an important role in a healthy ecosystem. Learn about both the macro and micro organisms and how we can provide a biodiverse environment in which they can thrive. 

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