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Kelly Ware

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Permaculture Montana
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Kelly had a 16 year old urban permaculture site in Polson Montana. She is passionate about agroforestry forestry, and alternative building, and all the permaculture tips and treasures. She is an avid listner of podcasts, having heard most of Paul Wheaton, The permaculture podcast with Scott Mann, Diego Footer's Permaculutre Voices, and Jack Spirko's The Survival Podcast to name a few. Kelly hopes to translate these into Spanish for her PermaGlobal Productions.  She studied in 98 her PDC with Jerome Ostentoski after living at the Bullocks Homestead in Orcas,WA. did another PDC with Michael Pilarski and training with Sepp Holzer, Grant Schulz of Versaland in Iowa for large farmscale permaculture (a pasion), and the REX10 training with Darren Doherty. She has attended most of the NW conferences and taught on intro to permaculture, the podcasting world of info, Scale of Permanence, Hugelkultur, Tropical permaculture (Panama), farmscale. Kelly loves to teach and hopes to have here own mini teaching farm in the Kalispell Valley or to teach in Latin America on assignment! She is a mom of three, Althea (23) is studying agroecology and bioenergy systems at MSU in Bozeman and Zack and Dane are great piano players and video gamers at 10 and 12, not much into the garden yet! She turns her permaculture gardened wellness center into an Airbnb and VRBO vacation rental in the summer.  By trade she is a Deep Tissue massage therapist of 30 years along side her Chiropractor partner of 16 years. 

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Do-it-yourself Natural Building
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There is a world of do-it-yourself natural building. We are not built by God to have to live with mortgages! Many homes are poorly built and becoming toxic with mold, etc. Build your own with one of these diverse styles we will discuss resources, and pluses, minuses, and the systems that can help them: Straw bale, straw clay, cob, earthbag, hyperadobe, rammed earth, wafati, log, tire (earthship), aircrete, domes, arcs, and squares. Rocket mass heaters will also be looked at. Save money, have great exercise and live in art.

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Intro to permaculture
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For those that are unfamiliar with the world of permacultue, this is for you. Be careful, its like drinking from a firehose! Take what you need, this is a great overview,  the same class taught at the FVCC "Free the Seeds" workshop. Jam packed with tips, resources, concepts and examples.

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Sunday AM
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