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Hot Springs Lodging Options


There are quite a few options still available.  There are 5 camping locations, some close and some farther away.  $5 a night per adult. There are rooms available in private homes and tipis for rent for $25 to $50 per night. Most of our free home-stay rooms are already taken. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat is totally booked up. Symes Hotel still has rooms at a 20% discount. You can contact them for bookings.

Camping and other room options you just have to take care of that when you register.  There will be a list of options available at the registration desk. 

One of our team has a lodging opportunity at the Red Lyon Inn in Polson with 2 queen beds, Aug 31 through Sept 3.  Available for $50 a night.  If this option suits anyone contact Bob Allgier 406-829-0339.

Alamedas Hot Springs Retreat: (onsite of INPC) Camping and Private Rooms
Symes Hot Springs Hotel: (3 blocks from INPC)    Hotel and Private Cabins  
Towanda Gardens: (onsite of INPC) tent camping     Contact Janell       406-741-5047
Homestays:  Get set up with individual community members living in Hot Springs. Might be space for a tent or an extra bedroom.  Contact Janell  406-741-5047
There are a few other options through AirBnB.

At Rainbow Zen LoHua Odekirk     406-741-2142  Tent camping site 15.00  per day RV site 15.00 per day.

 Is close to convergence  approx. 2 blocks                 Tipi  18' with 2 beds sleeps 4-6  35.00 night.

                                                                              Tipi  16'   no beds  sleeps up to 4   25.00 night.


Shady Grove Campground Curt Kruse  406-741-2533   Tent  camping 5.00 per person per day 

                                                                                       Rustic Cabin   35.00 per day

                                                                                       Rooms in Mobile Home 35.00 per day         


 Is on edge of town. Quiet & shaded. Approx. 1/2 mile from  convergence.