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Delyla Wilson

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DIRT Center
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Delyla lives on 7.4 acres of forested land outside of Stevensville, MT at the Diversified Integrated Resilience Training Center  (DIRT Center) in Stevensville Montana. Delyla is a co-founder of the DIRT Center where she works with multigenerational family and community members to build individual and community resilience in these challenging times. Prior to the founding of the DIRT Center, Delyla, with her family, founded the Skills Tour. The Skills Tour traveled around the U.S. from 2007 to 2010 in the Permibus (a permaculture demonstration bus and outfitted with solar power, grey water, chickens, worms, a tube garden, and a full sized kitchen) teaching homesteading skills (including permaculture design and technology), citizenship skills, and life skills. Delyla is also a dog trainer who specializes in the acquisition and integration of appropriate canine companions for permaculture homesteads and farms as well as individuals and families. Delyla has worked professionally with dogs since 1983 and is excited to bring together her love of dogs and permaculture! 


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Integrating Dogs into Permaculture and Farm Systems
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This workshop will focus on ways to incorporate dogs in your permaculture design systems including pest control, drafting work, animal protection, and livestock tending. We will discuss applications, best breeds, and training techniques. Come learn the many ways you can incorporate dogs into your permaculture systems and bring your questions! 


A projector would be awesome though not necessary. I am allergic to beans (the legume type) and corn. A projector

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