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2017 INPC Master Registration Form

On-line Registration is Closed.

Fear not! You are welcome to attend the Convergence on a walk-in basis. See you there!

Attendance by Donation! No one turned away for lack of funds.

Latest Updates

Lodging Update

There are quite a few options still available.  There are 5 camping locations, some close and some farther away.  $5 a night per adult. There are rooms available in private homes and tipis for rent for $25 to $50 per night. Most of our free home-stay rooms are already taken. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat is totally booked up. Symes Hotel still has rooms at a 20% discount. You can contact them for bookings.

What to Bring to the Convergence

Please bring food for the common kitchen. Preferably local food, especially from from your garden!

Portable chair

Dishware: plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon

Musical instrument, if you’d care to play.

Towel and swimsuit if you’d like to soak.

Notebooks, pens, clipboards to take notes.

Laptop computers or pads if you like.

Show and tell books and items.

Your business cards, literature and networking info.

Your ideas and proposals.


If camping, bring camping gear to be comfortable.

Permaculture Presidential Platform

The Permaculture Presidential Platform (PPP) will makes its debut at INPC 2017. The PPP will be a co-created platform of policies for a presidential candidate. A set of ecological and social policies to achieve the three permaculture principles of Care of Earth, Care of People and Fair Share.  Hundreds (and eventually thousands) of people can add to this PPP. It will cover all facets of government and society.  


Hey permaculture musicians,

John Erdman, local musician and long-time friend is soliciting local and Missoula area musicians to come play at the INPC and he reports that he has a lot of maybes and a few yeses.  So, we can be assured that music will be part of the scene at INPC.  This will include music at the outdoor venue of the Barber Shop Beer Parlor and music at the Towanda firepit.