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What to Bring to the Convergence

Please bring food for the common kitchen. Preferably local food, especially from from your garden!

Portable chair

Dishware: plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon

Musical instrument, if you’d care to play.

Towel and swimsuit if you’d like to soak.

Notebooks, pens, clipboards to take notes.

Laptop computers or pads if you like.

Show and tell books and items.

Your business cards, literature and networking info.

Your ideas and proposals.


If camping, bring camping gear to be comfortable.

Tent, Padding. Sleeping gear. 

Clothing for Montana weather Currently the weather report is for days in the 80s and 90s and nights in the 50s.  Alas the weather report also says smoky, but we aren’t adjacent to any of the big fires. 

Extra socks

Flashlight, Headlamp,

Water bottle.

Consider bringing tea or coffee to donate to the tea kitchen.

Ticket, cash, 
Hat, chapstick/ sunblock, sun-glasses, bandana

Snacks or special foods (we will have 3 square meals a day).


Optional but good idea:
sharpie, utility knife, multiplug/strip, extra USB/iphone chargers/cables, solar lawn light (for camp and/or to mark any odd rope tieoff/trip hazards at night)

For emergency use any or all of the following: ductape, tarp, ziplocks, paper towels, trash bags, latex gloves, purell/hand sanitizer, a small fire extinguisher.

Tools - if you’re not coming from too far away our set-up crew could use a few sledgehammers, screw guns, staple-guns, and what have you. If you are on the set up crew please bring tools and work gloves.