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Volunteers and Coordinators Needed to Put on INW Permaculture Convergence

We hope that everyone who attends will in pitch and help in some way.

If you’d like to help, contact:
Michael Pilarski  360-643-9178

You are invited to join the team to pull this together.  We need numerous coordinators and volunteers ahead of time and during the event.

For those who wish to know more, following are job descriptions.

Coordinator and Volunteer Positions

Following are some job categories, comments, job descriptions and number of people needed.

You can pick your level of involvement

Coordinators. Take on a major task for the conference. Coordinate efforts and volunteers to accomplish task goals.

Co-coordinators.  Two or even more people can share the same position. Job-sharing.

Pre-conference Volunteers. Assist one of the coordinators in getting things done before the conference.

On-site Volunteers. Work several shifts during the convergence and/or set-up and take-down.

Registration. Chrys Ostrander, Will Halliburton
Registrar/secretary. Handles and tracks registration, Paypal and mail. Sends confirmations. Responds to questions.

Registration table at the conference.
Registrar has to train and coordinate volunteers to greet people, check them in, collect donation money from those who haven’t pre-paid. Registration also serves as the information booth to answer questions and direct people as needed. Registration is most busy at the beginning of the event and early mornings. Registration has to be staffed throughout the conference.

Sponsor/Fund Raising
Solicits sponsors to raise funds and in-kind donations.

Bookkeeper/Accountant, Phil Small.

Everyone is on publicity. Spread the word to your friends, networks and people you think would be interested.

Poster and handbill distribution

Press releases: Send to newspapers and publications, in-print and internet. Get on calendars.

Field Trips
Liaison with all the field trip venues. Verify timing. Get directions and maps. Write up descriptions and get info to the webmaster.

Presenters.  Michael Pilarski.
Solicit and line up presenters. Get their bios and workshop information.

Trade Show/Vending
Coordinator. We invite vendors who sell books, tools, nursery stock, local food or other appropriate products. The trade show is for permaculture designers and educators to market their services and trainings as well as people involved in natural building, restoration, organic gardening and farming, etc.

Solicit and register appropriate vendors and trade show participants.  

Vendor/trade show placement and assistance during set-up.

Vendor/trade show liaison during convergence.

Volunteers and Work-trade Coordination: Will Halliburton and Gabe Gaul.

Site Set-up. Janell Clarke, Michael Pilarski and others.
Coordinator and volunteers. Help set up registration area, schedule/poster kiosk, decorations, etc. Set up outside structures, tarps, tents, tables, seating.

Classroom Set-up
Workshop rooms need arranging, tables, chairs, etc.

Decoration. Janell Clarke and we need more people on this team.
Natural and gaudy art, lights, color, banners waving, ambiance, whimsy,  Need to line up flags, props, etc before the event. Solicits people to bring things to loan or donate.

Sign Crew
Head sign-painter and volunteers.

Assemble needed paints, markers, sign material, sandwich boards, etc.  

Some signs need to be made up ahead of time; some at conference set-up time, and perhaps a few during the conference.     

Sign placement.

Night Lighting
Depending on the weather we could use Christmas lights, luminaries, and tiki torches at specific locations and times. Set up, monitor, maintain and clean-up.

Coordinator and volunteers.

The parking crew helps parking go smoothly. Works with sign crew to get needed signs made and put them up.

Make and install signs at the beginning of the event. Assist campers. Most busy at the beginning of the event. Keep an eye on the camping area.  This is an area of overlap with parking and security.

Local Home-stays
Coordinator. Arrange for house-stays for out-of-town people who have a hard time camping and can’t afford to rent rooms. Have to line up housing ahead of time with specs and match that with people requesting housing.

Coordinator and team. Set up, monitor and troubleshoot power point projectors slide projectors, amplification for plenary speakers and other A/V needs. Help round up needed equipment.

Record keynote talk, Montana Herb Gathering meeting and at least some of the workshops.

Coordinator Jenn Head,

The biggest job of the conference. Keeping everyone happily fed. We will serve 7 meals: Dinner on Friday; three meals on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Our plan is to offer a selection of food so that there is something to please omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. A large percentage of the food will be brought by the participants.

Overall food coordinator. Menu planning, food ordering. Coordinate and orchestrate.

Various chefs who facilitate particular meals, in conjunction with specialty cooks who can prepare specific types of food such as raw food, vegan, salads, desserts, meat dishes, etc.

Meal prep and kitchen help will require a lot of volunteers and work-traders.

Serving line coordinator

Kitchen cleaning coordinator with volunteers and work traders. During the event there is kitchen cleaning as well as meal dishes. The kitchen facilities will need to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the event.

Tea Kitchen
Coordinator and volunteers. Two coordinators are nice.

Arrange for teas, tea-making supplies, coffee and accoutrements.

Set up tea area

Oversee, keep hot water canisters filled, make coffee and clean up.

Dismantle at the end.

Tribal Liaison. Contact and build relationships with the local tribes, notably the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation.

Plenary MC. Michael Pilarski
Planning and facilitating plenary sessions and circles. Public presentations, announcements.

Music - Entertainment
John Erdman is lining up musicians. Anyone else want to pitch in here? People are encouraged to bring their musical instruments. Self-reliance in entertainment. We are willing to consider entertainment proposals.

Firepit tender
Coordinator and a helper. There is a firepit at Towanda for evening music, singing and socializing. Start and tend the fire. Extinguish it at the end of the evening. Obtain firewood.

A few people need to share the job of periodically checking the restrooms and port-a-potties to keep them clean and supplied with toilet paper.

First Aid
Coordinator and volunteers.

We would like to have several health care professionals on call in case any are needed. The Hot Spring Clinic is 3 blocks away.

Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center children’s program.
6 years old and up. Run by Brett Holmquist and crew.

Program for children under 6
Coordinator, volunteers and parents. Assemble materials. Set up a children’s area. Special activities.

Compost, Recycling, Trash Crew
Coordinator and several volunteers.

Determine what systems are currently in place at the venues. Set up new systems as needed.  Monitor and upkeep during the conference.  Arrange disposal and recycling. Arrange for kitchen waste to go to a local farm.

A coordinator and some volunteers. Responsible for locking up any needed building at night.  Keep an eye on things especially the tent camping area. In a way, everyone is on security and looks out for people who need help or for any potentially dangerous circumstances. The goal is that everyone is a responsible citizen.

A procurement person(s) who helps obtain needed supplies.  Most coordinators will be in charge of getting what they need for their areas of concern.

Clean-up Crew
Coordinator and volunteers. Decorations and signs removal. Disassemble any tarps, tents, etc.  Litter patrol. Utilities wrap-up, etc.