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Soaking in the Hot Springs

Soaking in the Hot Springs

Hot Springs is famous for its mineral-rich, hot water. It’s motto is “Limp In, Leap Out”. Hot Springs has 3 public hot water plunges, all within easy walking distance of our INPC center. Here are a few photos and a link to further information.

Symes has 4 pools and offers a special discount rate to INPC participants. $4





“Rose’s Plunge and the Big Medicine Plunge”

Roses's Plunge is attached to the Camas Recreation Center one of the places we wil be doing INPC workshops.  $5 to soak there.

Camas Big Medicine Plunge also known as Leroy’s Plunge is a 5-block walk from our INPC center of activity.  $5.

Hot Spring at Big Medicine Plunge