Hey permaculture musicians,

John Erdman, local musician and long-time friend is soliciting local and Missoula area musicians to come play at the INPC and he reports that he has a lot of maybes and a few yeses.  So, we can be assured that music will be part of the scene at INPC.  This will include music at the outdoor venue of the Barber Shop Beer Parlor and music at the Towanda firepit. 

So bring your instruments and join in.  Jams or solos.  Background flutes or drums and what have you.  Possibly we can have dinner music. Sing-alongs. Music is part of every indigenous and traditional culture.  Let’s put the ‘culture’ into permaculture.

If you want to be part of the music scene. look up John Erdman when you get to the Convergence.  Or email Michael Pilarski if you want to send John a message.