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Directions: How to get to the Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence
Convergence Central

214 N. Spring Street
Hot Springs, Montana 59845

From Spokane, Couer d’Alene and points west. 

Take I-90. Exit at St Regis and take Highway 135 along the Clark Fork River. When you hit highway 200 take a right and go about 10 miles up the Flathead River. Turn left at Perma onto highway 382. Drive up Camas Creek and through Camas Prairie.  At the far end of Camas Prairie as you start to go up a grade there is a turnout to view some of the biggest ripples in the world.  Over a little pass and you drop down into the Little Bitterroot Valley. Take a right on Highway 28 and it is several miles to the Hot Springs turnoff. 

From Missoula, take I-90 west. A few miles past Missoula take Highway 93 north. At the far end of Ravalli take a left onto highway 200.  Go through Dixon and along the Flathead river. Take a right on Highway 382 just before Perma 

From Kalispell, Whitefish and points north.  Take highway 93 along the west side of Flathead lake. At Elmo take a right onto Highway 53. After you go through the gap and a long bend to the south, you will go through a series of giant ripples from the Lake Missoula flood.  Take a right on Highway 77 into Hot Springs.

From Sandpoint, Idaho. Take highway 200 around the top end of Lake Pend O’Reille and up the Clark Fork River.  Turn left onto Highway 28 at Plains. Up a long grade, over a pass (of sorts) and drop down into the Little Bitterroot valley. Take a left onto Highwy 77, the Hot Springs spur road. 

From Okanogan or northern Stevens County I would take the northern route through Sandpoint.

Gorgeous scenery no matter which way you come to Hot Springs.  Enjoy the scenery, drive safely.  See you there.

Hot Springs is at the end of Highway 77 (a little spur road from Highway 28).  When you get into town the road T’s into Spring Street, Take a right and go several blocks and you’re there.  Look for the signs to registration. 

The speed limit in Hot Springs is 25 mph.  Make a full stop at stop signs. You don’t want any traffic tickets.

Safe travels everyone!