Animal Husbandry

Goat Pasture and Browse - A Permaculture Approach to Raising Healthy, Productive Goats

Goats are technically browsers (more similar to deer than cows which are grazers). Despite the common practice of running goats on grass/legume pastures (or feeding them hay in corrals), goats will prefer browse if given the choice. They like the mineral content and higher tannin content of deciduous and evergreen foliage, in fact, their metabolism requires more mineral than grazing ruminants for their health, especially reproductive health.

Integrating Permaculture into Farming Systems: Patterning a New Agriculture

Bio: Michael Pilarski helped organize the first Tilth conference in 1974 in Ellensburg, Washington. He was the main coordinator for T-10 held near Ellensburg, Washington in 1984 and attended T-20 and T-30. His organic farming career started in 1972 and over the years he has branched out into agroforestry, permaculture, forestry, ethnobotany, wildcrafting, and farming medicinal plants.  Michael took his first permaculture design course in 1982 and is one of the leading permaculture networkers and teachers in the Pacific Northwest.

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