2023 INPG Permaculture Design Course

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild 2023 Permaculture Design Course.

The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild invites you to join our 2023 summer permaculture design course taking place in a secluded, rustic country setting in Stevens County, Washington.

Immerse yourself in an off-grid homestead eco-community where you can detox from modern life and learn timeless wisdom from experienced educators. The course offers a unique opportunity to experience clean spring water, air, and electromagnetic environment, perfect for a rejuvenating learning experience. No prior experience or knowledge of permaculture is required or assumed.

During the full-fledged 2 week residential course, you'll have the chance to participate in over 72 hours of informative lecture, visit established agroforestry farms, gain hands-on experience working on a variety of projects and practice permaculture design science and implementation.  Organic, local, and mindfully prepared food will be shared with intention in between classes and workshops, nourishing both body and mind. The subject matter is holistic and comprehensive, taught at a college level. With the guidance of the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild's certified team of instructors and guests, you'll leave the course with a deep understanding of permaculture and the skills needed to design sustainable and regenerative social and ecological systems. Don't miss this chance to enhance your knowledge and acquire the tools needed to build a brighter future.

2023 Design Course Details

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