Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence – June 11 News

The biggest INPC news!
We are happy to announce that Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia’s Garden is our INPC keynote speaker. Toby is one of the most well-known permaculture teachers in the US.  He will also give a Friday workshop in Spokane on Food Forests and Forest Gardening.  More details on that as it becomes available.
Michael Pilarski just returned from a 4-day networking trip in North Idaho and northeast Washington.
Couer d’Alene.
I met with 8 Couer d’Alene permaculture organizers at the Roots Gathering Garden (a new community garden) at North Idaho College in CdA which they just started.  They will help spearhead local organizing for the 2013 INPC.  Several of us visited Camp MoVoden (site of the 2013 INPC) and got a tour.  The location is beautiful, lots of nice forest, big trees, sandy beach on Hayden lake, Lots of rooms, grassy fields for camping and RVs. Huge kitchen and dining hall, 10 or so indoor rooms for workshops, outdoor ampitheatre, etc.  All in all, it is a good location for the convergence.  I was impressed with the slow, windy scenic road to get there. 
I met with 5 people who will be helping with INPC organizing in their area. They are in the early stages of a Spokane public Foos Forests initiative. The goal being to promote and establish forest gardens in Spokane.  They are well connected with the city and conservation organizations, etc.  There is a Spokane Permaculture club and they have their own website.  Mike Hagar, who created the website has offered to make a template website for any other Inland PC groups for their own use.  Contact Mike for details
Stevens County
30 people participated in a great event to kick off a local permaculture group. The Stevens County Permaculture Rendezvous. We had talk time, introductions, a plant walk, a great hands-on hugelkultur building at the new Kettle Falls Community Garden and a potluck. See some photos at their Facebook page.  Great turnout and great energy!
Stevens County Permaculture Guild already has their own Facebook page.  Check out
Sandpoint Idaho, 
I joined a group of 10 people for the first meeting to start a Sandpoint permaculture group. They will go far since the area is a hotbed of people who are into permaculture related things. 
At all of these stops, we talked about this year’s INPC and garnered much support. Thanks to everyone I met with.
Looking for more people to help organize the 2013 INPC.
Here are 24 people who have already signed up to be on the team.  We can use lots more.  If you are interested in helping in some capacity, please let me know. 
Current INPC team and region
Gina and Steve Brooks, Couer d’Alene,
Claire Cox – Southern Idaho
Melissa Dorn, Couer d’Alene,
Janet Dowell, Tri-Cities, Washington
Terry Dubeau – Advisor and more, Registrar in 2012, 2nd year
Torie Foote, Spokane
Gabe Gaul – Stevens County
Sheila Grace, Columbia Basin
Mike Hagar, Spokane webmaster
Ali Hakala, Sandpoint
Stefani Hinkle, Hot Springs, MT
Will Kearns, Ritzville and Columbia Basin
Alex Kiersay, Sandpoint, ID
Korrine Kreilcamp – Couer d’Alene
Tiffany Lakatos, Stevens County
Brandi Mayes, Couer d’Alene
Chrys Ostrander, Spokane – Webmaster, 3rd year
Michael Pilarski – overall coordinator,
Sue Selle, Couer d’Alene,
Rick Sherman, Missoula
Phil Small, Spokane
Jessica Spurr, Sandpoint and Spokane,
Brian Taylor, Sandpoint, ID