Feeding People in Hard Times

This article is intended for a number of readerships:
1. The staff and volunteers of hunger organizations. I
would like to make you aware of some possible ways to
increase food security for your constituencies. You may
be aware of many of the social policies included here, but
less familiar with the gardening methods promoted by permaculture.
2. The permaculture movement. Permaculture has three
main ethics: a) care of people; b) care of land; c) dispersal
of surplus. Permaculturists in general are well aware of

Prayers to the Devas of Radioactive Elements

Photo ofDamaged Reactors

Within the next two weeks the workers at the Fukushima plant are going to try to remove spent fuel rods that are suspended on damaged racks. They weigh about 400 tons all together and contain radiation equivalent to 14,0000 times the amount released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This is very dangerous work, not just for the workers, or Japan, but for the entire world. There's a media blackout about the gravity of the situation (and has been for two years) but right now I believe that prayers are needed more than ever.

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