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The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is a network of permaculture practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture.

5th Annual


September 10-13, 2015

This year’s theme is


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You may apply to be a presenter or to vend or have an information table.
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Download this year's poster to print and post in your home region. It really helps our outreach efforts.
Poster artwork by Grant Modderman.
Also! Download and print our black & white Handbill to pass out at your local farmers market, county fair, etc.

Convergence Location: Heartsong in Tumtum, WA

7034 Hwy. 291, Tumtum, WA 99034
Close to the Spokane River, adjacent to Red Lake, 25 mi. north of Spokane.
(between mile markers 24 and 25) Map.

 The 2nd year in a row that INPC will be held at Heartsong.

2015 INPC Venue

Heartsong is in a beautiful setting just 20 miles northwest of Spokane. Heartsong abuts a large, wooded park with nature trails and a lake. The center itself has ample meadows for car camping and RVs, wooded hideaways and grassy grottoes for tent camping, space for a Trading Circle (which will be something along the lines of a barter fair/farmers' market/trade show), outdoor demonstration areas, limited indoor lodging options, a sauna, showers and ample parking. Have a look at pictures of Heartsong. More pics HERE.

Put on by the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild,

Gloria Flora's Sustainable Obtainable Solutions

and Our Wondereful Sponsors.

Children's Program with Jeannine Tidwell of Twin Eagles Wilderness School
Sat. & Sun.

Twin Eagles will provide organized activities for kids 6-12 on Saturday and Sunday during the Convergence.  Cost is $20 per child per day apart from the donation for the INPC itself. Details...

Important! Please pre-register separately for this program. Details...

Field trips on Thursday and Friday morning.

Saturday Evening

Harvest dinner & BBQ
Salmon. Pork. Roasted vegetables. Kabobs.

Local Food. Live Music!

 Musicians (to be confirmed):

Madeline McNeil
Ted Hensold & Friends
Earth Day Band
Facebook Event Page (Use for ride-seeking and car pooling)
Free Store: Bring useful stuff, take home useful stuff (fair share)
Trade Show Sat. & Sun.
Information tables and vendors.


What are all the tricks we can think of to maintain production while conserving resources in drought years? Water harvesting, water conservation, wicking beds, deep rooted perennials, swales, broad-based terraces, mulch, sunken hugelkulturs, drought tolerant crops, and more will be discussed. Let’s share our tips and techniques. 


This year’s goals include:

Education galore, presentations, round-table discussions, plant walks;

A regional reunion of people in the permaculture movement;

Building alliances with a wider diversity of people and groups;

Building the movement;

Local to international scale;

Permaculture techniques for drought years;

Good food, good company, stimulating conversations, useful connections, great workshops;

Swimming in Red Lake (adjacent to Heartsong);

Have a fun time!


Deborah Berman and Suvia Judd of Palouse Permaculture are bringing a drinking water trough and equipment to make a wicking bed.  They will do a demo workshop and then auction off the wicking bed as an INPC benefit.

2015 Convergence Scholarships

Long-time Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild supporter, Kamori Cattadoris and long-time sustainable agriculture advocate Alec McErlich are each generously offering $200 scholarships enabling two young persons who would otherwise not be able to attend. Since we don't turn folks away for lack of funds, this scholarship is intended mostly to help with travel and incidental costs. We will leave it up to the recipients to decide how much, if any, of the scholarship money might go towards a donation to the Guild for the Convergence.

If you are a young person of very limited financial means and you have a deep desire to attend the 2015 Inalnd Northwest Permaculture Convergence, please fill out the Scholarship Application and we will decide very soon who the recipient will be.

Field trips on Thursday and Friday morning
to be confirmed)

Visit interesting properties on your way to the main convergence site. 

Spokane: Phil Small’s yard on the South Hill. Ed Bryant’s yard. Janice Swagerty's Urban Farm, Whitworth College’s terraced gardens, Thom and Torie Foote’s permaculture homestead;

North Spokane County: Estella Farm, Deer Park.

Stevens County (north of Spokane): Joe Petrucelli’s cooperative garden and Gabe Gaul's permaculture garden; Glora and Marc Flora’s Terra Flora Gardens. Mark Gauthier will lead a walk to local petroglyphs on Friday morning.

Lincoln County (west of Spokane): Tolstoy Farm, the longest-lived, non-religious intentional community in the U.S., home of the very well-known Tolstoy Farms organic market garden;

Sandpoint Idaho, Biodynamic farm.


Admission is by donation. You select what feels right to you.  $70 is the suggested donation for the whole event and $30 for single days. No one is turned away for lack of funds. You can pay ahead of time via paypal on the website, or pledge with your registration and pay at the door. Please, please pre-register even if you don’t pay now. We will have a card reader on site for those wishing to donate using their plastic.

Not So Preliminary Listing of Presenters and Workshops

Bill Aal, Tools for Change, Seattle, Washington
Diversity and Decolonizing Permaculture: Social Permaculture through the lens of gender, race and privilege. We will look at this with a framework of love and compassion and looking at issues of power and accountability.

Ari and Ana Alvarez, Beekeepers, Beekeeping Equipment, Beemaniacs, LLC, Deer Park, Washington
Honeybees and pollinators in permaculture gardens - Details...

Marisha Auerbach, Permaculture Rising, Portland, Oregon
Herb’n Permaculture: Permaculture Transformation of a Portland yard in 5 Years' Time - Recipes and Lessons Learned

Deborah Berman, Palouse Permaculture, Moscow, Idaho
Help Start a Permaculture Conservation Land Trust (Suvia Judd, Gloria Flora, co-presenters) - Details...
Ecological Science for Permaculture Design - Details...
Wicking Beds and Wicking Containers for Gardening (Suvia Judd, co-presenter) - Details...

Michael Billington, Place of Gathering, Dayton, Montana
(Michael has had to cancel his presentation because of a conflict with a cone-collecting job in South Dakota.).

Kevin Blue
Will talk about his South American exploration.

Kathleen Callum, retired USDA NRCS, Spokane, Washington
How Indigenous History has Shaped the Inland Northwest - Details...
Atlatl (spear thrower) demonstration

Kyle Chamberlain, Human Habitat Project, Kettle Falls, Washington
Human Habitat: A look at permaculture from a forager's perspective - Details...

New! Tim Corcoran, Twin Eagles Wilderness School, Sandpoint, Idaho
Deep Nature Connection Mentoring & Permaculture - Details...

Jeremy Cowan, WSU Extension, Spokane County, Spokane, Washington
Permaculture in Scottland - Details...
Roundtable: What would folks like to see WSU do in regards to permaculture?

John Crow, Estella Farms, Deer Park, Washington
Estella Farms' long-term goals to create a Farm Incubation Center and Tiny House Village

Sean Cruz, Spokane, Washington
Principles of Nutrient Density - Details...

Jordan Fink, Portland, Oregon
Sequestration Development: How Cities can be Redesigned to Save the Climate

Gloria Flora, Sustainable Obtainable Solutions, Colville, Washington
Flexible Forests: A closer look at traditional agroforestry and how we can add permaculture principles and practices to increase forest health and resiliency in face of drought - Details...
Integrating Biochar for Increased Moisture Retention - Details...

Thom and Torie Foote. Footehills Farm. Colbert, Washington
Making money from your smallholding-fresh/dried culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, rustic crafts, gourds, many ideas on how to generate income

Mark Gauthier, works in natural resource management for local tribes, Tumtum, Washington
The Geography, Ecology and Native People’s History of the Tumtum Area

Ted Hensold, Forester, Silviculturist, Musician, Tumtum, Washington
Trees in a Time of Water Scarcity - Details...

Ryan Herring, Master Gardener, Spokane, Washington
Biodynamics in Permaculture - Details...
Composting for the beneficial microbes - Details...
It's Tea Time! No not for you but for your Plants - Details...

June Holliday, Spokane, Washington
Urban rewilding with wild foods: Common urban edibles and how to harvest them - Details...

Bezleel Israel, Seed Saver Extraordinaire, Northport, Washington
Gardening in a changing Climate
Fermenting food for storage including pickles and sauerkraut
Root Cellaring.

Suvia Judd, Palouse Permaculture, Moscow, Idaho
Ecological Science for Permaculture Design

Meryl Kastin, herbalist of Alive & Wild Herbals, Kooskia, Idaho
Making Medicinal Oils - Details...
Guided Plant Walk

Tawnya Rourke Kelley, HeartStead Farm and HeartStead Home & Garden Service LLC, Kalispell, Montana
Growing Garlic - Details...
First Year Market Gardening - Details...

Jasmine A Koster
Indigenous Permacultural Societies and Methods in the Pacific Northwest - Details...
Understanding Intersectionality of Oppression to Catalyze Change Through Permaculture--a Discussion - Details...

Steve McConnell, Regional Extension Specialist, WSU Extension Forestry. Spokane, Washington
Composting ponderosa pine needles: yes we can! - Details...

Teri McKenzie, Inland Northwest Food Network, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Introducing the Inland Northwest Food Network - Details...

Seth Meeves, Bend, Oregon
Ecological Sanitation: Greywater and Waterless Toilets - Details...

Beth Mort, Farmer, My Square Garden, Spokane, Washington
Starting a CSA
Plant Identification Plant Walk

Chrys Ostrander, Tumtum, Washington
Goat Pasture and Browse - A Permaculture Approach to Raising Healthy, Productive Goats
Computer Basics for Recovering Luddites

Steven "Stargazer" Pack
Astrology, permaculture, and planting by the moon.

Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society, Hot Springs, Montana
Ten Dryland Gardening Techniques
Plant Walks

Lee Pittmon, Best BioChar Kiln LLC, Joyland Farm, Spokane, Washington

Cindi Santi, Priest River, Idaho
Internal Landscape for Sustainability (Intimacy) - Details...
How to Kill and Process a Chicken - Details...

Rick Sherman, Missoula, Montana
Erosion Control Alternatives for a Watershed Restoration Project on the Continental Divide - Details...

Phil Small, Land Profile, Spokane, Washington
Wicking Beds: Food production in small places with less water

Jeff Wood, Marle Worm Growers, Spokane Valley, Washington
Vermiculture- the benefits of using composting worms to create a sustainable garden - Details...

Melodi Wynne of the Spokane Tribe.
Grassroots food sovereignty/safety on the Spokane Reservation


Permaculture convergences are far more than places to hear some good speakers. They are places to build our networks and lay plans for the future. To this end I am proposing that the 2015 INPC have a number of working groups come together for round table discussions. The working groups will be planned after dinner on Friday when we hear the proposals and see which ones have the most interest.  Groups can meet once or multiple times. At the closing circle, representatives from the working groups can give brief reports. 


A horrible situation is unfolding as this is being written. Wildfires are impacting many of us and people are losing homes and forests. When wildfire does strike, how can we as a community help those in the path of the fire?  Can we go ahead of time and do emergency fuel reduction around homes and structures? Permaculture has a lot to say about designing homes and properties to survive or mitigate wildfires. How do we help land recover after a wildfire? What kind of seed mixes can be sown?  How can we think ahead and have seed banks for such occasions? We will also talk about how we can support people in our permaculture community who have lost homes in the fires.


Thom Foote will help focalize a group discussion on sharing resources, mutual aid societies, gift circles and suchlike.  How can we help each other? This will get more important as the globalized system falters. 


We definitely want to have some group discussions on growing in drought years and water conservation gardening in general.  The working group can put together lists of techniques and references;.


Land Access, land for sale, internships, mentoring, wwoofing

We all know people who are looking for land, or need help on their land, or who have land for sale, or want to gain experience, or want to live in community.  Perhaps there are some good matches at this convergence?  How can we set up a clearinghouse to share this kind of information in our network?

If attendance and interest justify it, here are some other possibilities. 

* What would folks like to see WSU do in regards to permaculture?
* International permaculture.
* Women in Permaculture.
* Teaching permaculture to children.
* Decolonizing permaculture: indigenous peoples, minorities, cultural diversity.

Email Michael Pilarski with feedback/proposals, zone1@inlandnorthwestpermaculture.com


You may apply to be a presenter or to vend or have an information table.
Apply HERE.

Below you can watch a nifty little video that shows how much fun we had during the 2014 INPC.
This was put together by Margaret and Elf of Bruce-Ruhl Design.

Permaculture is a lot about growing food, so we have always made a big deal out of eating the food we have grown ourselves.  Everyone is encouraged to bring food donations, preferably food they have grown, raised, wildcrafted or processed.  We also get donations from local farmers and buy some food locally.  In 2014, 85 % of the food was donated and only about 10% came through the conventional food system.  Let’s try to do that again this year or even better.  The menu will be mostly based on what shows up.  We will be getting some pork from one of the participants and are looking for some wild salmon.  We want lots of vegetables for salad, soups, grilling, potatoes, etc. Treats of all kind welcomed. We fully understand if donating food might be a hardship. It's a request, not a requirement. If you are planning to donate $75 or more worth of food, you qualify as an event sponsor and your sponsorship entitles you to attend without further thought to any additional donation. Please see our sponsorship page to go this route. 

We are looking for one or more people to head up preparation of each meal. We may or may not have a dedicated cook, but even if so, food preparation will be a communal affair. Saturday dinner will be a barbeque and our biggest meal.  Can anyone bring a propane barbeque?  If you’d like to be on the food team please email: zone1@inlandnorthwestpermacultutre.com.

The organizing crew includes Kelsey Crane, Arrow Flora, Gabe Gaul, Ryan Herring, Estar Holmes, Grant Modderman, Beth Mort, Chrys Ostrander, Michael Pilarski, and Phil Small.  Who else wants to take on some coordination role or organizer role?

If you are interested in participating in any way, please email Michael Pilarski at zone1@inlandnorthwestpermaculture.com

Phone: 401-426-INPG

INPG has an illustrious History...

The Permaculture Design Course May 23 to June 7 2015 near Spokane, WA was a success.

See Some Photos Taken During the Course
on Simple Unhooked Living's Facebook Page.

...and on the INPG Facebook Page.

Here's what was covered: Schedule


Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild 2015 Permaculture Design Course with a special emphasis on Earth Restoration. A two-week, residential intensive course in Tumtum, WA. May 23 to June 7.

More historical information on the 2015 PDC is HERE.

The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild's
2014 Convergence:
"Back to the Roots"

at the Beautiful Heartsong Retreat Center
was a resounding success!

More than 150 dedicated permaculturists attended 40-plus workshops, shared beautifully prepared meals, sang around the fire and went home enriched by the amazing skill-sharing and comraderie. We strengthened our network; we proved we could pull off a largely do-it-yourself, donation-based convergence; we established a lasting tie with Heartsong. We are gratified that we were able to gather so many participants from our small Inland Northwest region (our total number of attendees equaled 38% of the total number who attended the national convergence just two weeks prior).

We could not have enjoyed such a success without the many contributions of the folks who came-- whether in the form of cash donations, donated food, volunteer labor or positive vibes. The organizers helped create the space but it was the people who came to the convergence who created the experience. A very big Thank You to each of you.

Four days of Fun, Interconnection and Love of the Earth!
Thursday through Sunday, Sept. 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2014.

Read all about it >>>


Download a version of our Heartsong Convergence Poster to print and put up in your neighborhood!



Thanks to everyone who came to the 2013 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. See you at Heartsong!

NEW! Videos from Michael Pilarski's 2013 Missoula Permaculture Design Course

The 2nd Annual Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference (INPC2) in Missoula, Montana, has come and gone. It's hard to believe. It was a great success with nearly 50 presenters, oodles of workshops, field trips, panel discussions, shared meals, a conta dance and friendships renewed and initiated.

Many thanks to our conference organizing team for the countless hours put in, and to our conference sponsors, our work trade crew, our slate of presenters, our trade show tablers, the University of Montana, the University Center Kitchen Crew, the Celtic Knots string band and anyone else who helped make it all happen.

You can see the presenters and their workshops, plus other information from both the 2011 and the 2012 conferences under the "Past Conferences" tab in the menu bar.

There are also some conference photos in the galleries. You can add you own photos of the conference, photos of your Permaculture projects and the like. Click "Share Photos" under the Galleries tab.

The 2011 Spokane Permaculture Conference:
The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild Kicks it Off
Right with a Gem of a Gathering at Spokane Falls Community College.

See more pictures HERE

The 2011 INPG Conference at-a-glance


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